Nick Betts enlisted in the United States Army in 2005.  While enlisted, Nick served as a Designated Defensive Marksman, Battalion Sniper Section Leader, and Company Sniper.  He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Expert Infantry Badge, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, and Army Physical Fitness Badge.  Nick has an Advanced Medical/Trauma Treatment Certification along with his CCW, Guard Card, Exposed Weapons Permit, CPR Certification, First Aid Certification, and OC Spray Certification. 

While enlisted in the Army, Nick served as company sniper and employment coordinator for the Company’s Commander providing valuable map and terrain reconnaissance across three districts (1200 square miles) in the Kunar Providence.  He was directly responsible for joint planning of platoon and company sized operations as well as coordinating air assets to provide direct support for the Companies three maneuver platoons resulting in over 300 successful operations with zero loss of DOD assets.

Nick also provided precise rifle fire while adhering to strict rules of engagement during a joint complex and dynamic combat tour.  He conducted over 250 patrols and direct action operations with coalition forces in a 2,200 square mile civilian populace, bringing peace and sovereignty to the Diyala Providence in Iraq.  Nick was honorably discharged in 2013, having spent 8 years in the United States Army.

Nick has been involved in Diplomatic  and private protection as well as investigations since August of 2013 directly after his discharge from the U.S. Army.   He has provided personal protective coverage for at risk personnel and public figures.  Nick has experience in maintaining situational awareness in the most demanding of environments ensuring the safety of all protected principles.  Nick is a protection specialist in the defense industry with extensive operational experience protection senior military leaders, and VIP personnel both domestically and overseas.  

Nick  is currently serving again oversees as a private contractor in Iraq.  He has launched a company as well called Krupto Strategic which offers training courses as well as clothing based on his experience as a US Sniper.  

You can visit his website at  We are proud to promote Nick in all he does and we thank him for his service!

He provides both public and private courses below:
Precision Rifle Application 1,2,3
Pistol level 1
High Threat Pistol
Tactical Rifle 1
High Threat Rifle

We are deeply honored to have Mr. Betts on the Temple 57 team and look forward to him rejoining the team when he arrives back in the US.