When Workers’ Compensation insurance claims are called into question, sometimes it is a necessity to perform an investigation/subrosa on the Claimant.  Our investigators average a 95% success rate in obtaining the evidence you need to make an informed decision whether to approve or deny the claim, as well as prosecute for possible fraud.

With current economic stressors such as job instability, housing, gasoline prices and a looming recession, fraudulent insurance claims are expected to rise as more people struggle to find a way to supplement their income. Many attempt to ‘cash in’ on incidents in their personal lives that have little or nothing to do with their claim.

To submit a case to T57 for a timely and effective subrosa, the adjuster can call direct at 866.489.3055, or email the case to: info@temple57.com.  You're case will be uploaded into our Track Ops program within hours and an investigator will be assigned to handle the case.